Bielby Holdings and Constructionarium Australia Partner for Story Bridge Build

Bielby Holdings is delighted to announce that we are supporting the April 2020 Constructionarium Australia Story Bridge Build!

Taking place at the Construction Training Centre in Salisbury from 15th to 24th April the project comprises a three-day training programme and five-day build. Participants will have the opportunity to be part of a unique cohort and will benefit from a dedicated learning and development experience with one outcome in mind; to create future leaders within Queensland’s construction sector.

Over the five-day build, participants will build a replica Story Bridge which is over 30m long and weighs 4 tonnes helping them to gain skills and experience that would take one or two years to learn in the course of typical projects. They will manage all aspects of an engineering project including project and issues management, safety, budgetary control and timely project delivery.

Bielby will be acting as principal contractor, providing a project leadership team to support and mentor participants drawn from final year university students, postgraduate students and early-stage industry professionals.

Bielby’s Managing Director, Adam Edwards, outlined why Constructionarium Australia is important to Bielby “For us to be involved in a project that helps to advance skills for infrastructure professionals and to provide young engineers with real-world experience fits in with the values we hold.”

“To become successful in construction, you need to have an excellent theoretical understanding, but more than that you need to have experience about how projects work. Looking back to the start of my career, I wish initiatives like Constructionarium existed and that I had the opportunity to spend eight days learning from industry experts and getting my hands dirty on a scaled-down major project.”

“We are excited to be part of an initiative that gives back to our industry and helps the next generation of talented individuals to benefit from an immersive training programme.”

Constructionarium Australia’s Executive Director, Harry Hartman, welcomed Bielby’s involvement “Bielby is one of Queensland’s preeminent contractors with a proven track record in delivering outstanding projects across the state. They will be a fantastic partner for our April build and will bring a significant level of experience, insight and practical knowledge to the programme and we are delighted at the leadership they are showing and their commitment to the future of our industry.”