Bruce Highway Upgrade - Cooroy to Curra

Bruce Highway Upgrade - Cooroy to Curra

This major upgrade project involved the construction of 8km of the Bruce Highway from Cudgerie Drive to Sankeys Road, Black Mountain.

As Principal Contractor for the Cooroy to Curra Section A Contract 2 Project, Bielby was responsible for over 2,500,000m3 of OTR and rock excavation to the embankment over an 8km section of the highway, with cuts and fills on the project up to 40m deep. Working closely with major structures subcontractor JF Hull Holdings Pty Ltd, the project also included the construction of six bridges (bottom up), with new bridges over Skyring Creek, Gardners Road and Evan Thomas Road, and a new all-movements interchange north of Cooroy.  Other works included extensive asphalt pavements consisting of 240,000m3 of asphalt, and the management of 400,000m3 of unsuitable embankment material from the excavations.

Blasting was necessary in cuts adjacent to the existing highway and housing, and stringent safety procedures were implemented to manage potential impacts. The close proximity to the highway and local community members necessitated the need for trial blasts to establish safe blasting parameters to eliminate flyrock, provide good fragmentation and low vibration levels and eliminate any inconvenience to the travelling public.

With detailed planning, the works were undertaken with no impact on the surrounding properties and by implementing controlled blasting, the need for shotcrete and rock dowels on the cut faces were also eliminated, which resulted in significant benefits for budget and program outcomes.

The project involved two major switches of the Bruce Highway and the Cooroy Connection Road. To undertake these switches, detailed staging plans and risk assessments were undertaken to plan the switch and staged traffic movements. When developed, the staging was presented to local commuters and residents as part of the community management process, and implemented without impacts.

The project was also undertaken in a highly sensitive environmental area with a heavy focus on the control of stormwater runoff through sediment basins and the separation of clean water and contaminated water on the site. Special focus was placed on the rehabilitation of the cut and fill batters to minimise runoff of contaminated water and numerous different products were trialled to establish the most effective solution. As a result, the DEHP showcased the erosion and sedimentation measures identified by Bielby to local government representatives, and the learnings have since resulted in improvements to the systems on a state wide basis.

One of the key innovations on this project was Bielby’s proposal to take advantage of the higher quality materials found in the cuts. This initiative enabled the Bielby team to redesign the pavements to achieve the desired result and quality standards, while simultaneously reducing the pavement costs for the client.

Bielby also implemented a fast-track solution to construction works by utilising Bielby’s in-house fleet of large scale construction equipment to undertake the 2,500,000m3 of earthworks in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

Upon completion, the Bielby team received high commendation for their collaborative approach throughout delivery, and for successfully completing an exceptional project outcome that met all client and project objectives.

Derek Skinner – Independent Resolution Advisor

The project team is to be congratulated for a very productive year. The level of collaboration between the parties continues to be a key factor in the efficient delivery of the project.

Derek Skinner – Independent Resolution Advisor

Mark Asang – TMR Project Director

From TMR’s perspective contract and relationships are going very well. Would highly recommend team for future work.

Mark Asang – TMR Project Director August 2015

Rob Crawford – Superintendent’s Rep.

Relationships within the project teams are producing positive results in the field in terms of proactivity and productivity. Communication at all levels has been a strong point of the project team throughout the project. The Contractor’s ethos with getting on with the project and discussing and resolving issues as they arise is a refreshing change to the norm.

July 2015 – Performance Report – Rob Crawford – Superintendent’s Rep.

Bill Gardyne – Oxbow Consulting

We were impressed that the high standard observed on recent previous inspections has continued to be raised in terms of awareness, preparation, and the cost-effectiveness of such methods. There is no doubt that the project demonstrates Best Practice, as it has the highest standard yet observed by the author on any major construction project with very little room for improvement.

Independent CPESC Consultant – Bill Gardyne – Oxbow Consulting – Independent Inspection Report – 3rd November, 2014