Pacific Motorway M1 Watland Street to Sports Drive

Bielby Secures Watland Street to Sports Drive M1 Upgrade

Bielby Holdings, in a joint venture with JF Hull Holdings, is delighted to have secured the Pacific Motorway M1 Watland Street to Sports Drive Upgrade. Already on-site delivering the Sports drive to Gateway Motorway upgrade, this is our second package of works on the Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill Upgrade Project.

The project will see significant enhancements made to the M1, designed to improve traffic flow, safety and connections for bus and cycle commuters. Work will include widening the M1 up to four northbound lanes between the Watland Street overpass and the existing Sports Drive on-ramp,  a new M1 on-ramp at Lexington Road and widening Rochedale Road to three southbound lanes from the Rochedale Road off-ramp (Exit 19) to Springwood Road.

In addition, the South-East Busway will be extended to Springwood bus station and the V1 Veloway will be extended from Sports Drive to Watland Street.

Managing Director Adam Edwards, welcomed the project win “We are delighted to have secured a second package of works on the M1 Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill upgrade. It is a part of Queensland we know well having been involved in the original M1 Springwood South to Daisy Hill construction from 2009-12 and our current involvement in the upgrade of the M1 from Sports Drive to Gateway Motorway.”

“This is an exciting project for the region that will see significant investment made in improving road, bus and cycle infrastructure and introducing new smart motorway technologies that will reduce ‘stop-start’ travel on the motorway.”

“As a Queensland business, it is fantastic to continue our relationship with the Department of Transport and Main Roads and to deliver a key upgrade to one of the state’s most important pieces of infrastructure. We are also delighted to be able to help support businesses and employ locals as we undertake the project,” said Mr Edwards.

For employment opportunities, please direct enquiries to

For more information about the Pacific Motorway M1 Eight Mile Plains to Daisy Hill, please visit:

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Berrybank Stage 2 Wind Farm Project

Bielby Holdings is delighted to have secured the design and construction of the Civil Balance of Plant (CBoP) works for the Berrybank Stage 2 Wind Farm Project for Vestas – Australian Wind Technology (Vestas).

Located within the Corangamite and Golden Plains Shire Councils approximately 76km west of Geelong and 48km south of Ballarat, Victoria, the project will deliver 107 MW of power into the grid, enough to power 82 000 homes.

Managing Director, Adam Edwards, outlined Bielby’s involvement. “We are delighted to be undertaking our first project with Vestas, and are looking forward to bringing our proven design and construction capabilities to a major renewables project in Victoria.”

“Design has already commenced and as our team are deployed and commence works, we are confident that our extensive experience in the renewable energy sector will provide positive results for Vestas and significant benefits to the project.”

“Our role will be to provide the critical civil infrastructure required to enable the project’s 26 x V136 4.2MW HH112m wind turbines to be installed and for the site to be accessed via more than 20km of internal roads and improved public roads. We look forward to this exciting step in Bielby’s history and to making a positive contribution to the Corangamite and Golden Plains Shires,” said Adam.

Across the project, Bielby will be responsible for the delivery of;

  • 26 turbine foundations
  • 26 crane hardstands
  • 20km of internal access road
  • Public road upgrades, and
  • Facility provision and maintenance
Photo Credit – Vestas

HRFU Project Update

It has been a busy couple of months in north Queensland as works progress on the Haughton River Floodplain Upgrade.

The project covers essential upgrades to the Bruce Highway, designed to improve safety and efficiency for road users, as well as significantly improving flood immunity.

Bielby Managing Director, Adam Edwards recently visited the site, “It was great to see such impressive progress being made on the project, with significant works being undertaken in recent months. All credit must go to everyone involved in the joint venture team.”

But, as with any project, milestones achieved don’t mean resting on laurels! Throughout November, the project will continue at a rapid pace which will see the completion of key bridges, critical traffic switches and culvert installation at the project’s northern end.

As the project moves through its next phase, we look forward to bringing you updates on the following works:

  • Construction of main deck spans at the Upper Haughton/Hodal Road overpass and Pink Lily Lagoon bridge
  • installation of flood-prone culverts at the northern end of the project
  • erection of final super T girders at the Haughton River bridge and completion of bridge substructure construction
  • completion of the Horseshoe Lagoon bridge
  • switch Bruce Highway traffic onto the new, final alignment south of Trembath Road
  • complete pavement rehabilitation on overtaking lanes (between Shirbourne Road and Woodstock Giru Road).

For more information on Bielby’s involvement, please visit:

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About the Project

The $513 million project is jointly funded by the Australian Government ($414.4 million) and Queensland Government ($102.9 million). The project covers essential upgrades to the Bruce Highway, designed to improve safety and efficiency for road users, as well as significantly improving flood immunity. The project is being delivered by The Infrastructure Group (TIG), a joint venture between Bielby, BMD Constructions, JF Hull Holdings and Albem Operations, on behalf of the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

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Bielby Holdings Awarded Contract for Everton Park Link Road

Bielby Holdings is delighted to have been appointed to undertake construction works on the Everton Park Link Road for The Department of Transport and Main Roads.
The project will see significant investment made to ease congestion in North-West Brisbane with the new link road connecting South Pine Road, north of the Kedron Brook Creek, to Stafford Road, east of Mountridge Street.

To ease disruption, the majority of the Everton Park Link Road will be constructed away from operating roads, and traffic impacts will be minimised during construction. Upon completion the project will provide a direct route between Stafford Road and South Pine Road, reducing traffic congestion at the Stafford Road and South Pine Road intersection.

As part of the project the right turn facility from South Pine Road into Stafford Road during peak hours, providing more traffic light ‘green time,’ and improving travel time at the intersection.
Cyclists and active transport users are also catered for with increased connectivity and dedicated facilities linking into the ever-popular Kedron Brook Bikeway.

Wider footpaths and additional pedestrian crossings will provide significant benefits for local retailers, cafes and entertainment venues as pedestrians will be able to access the site quickly and safely.

Managing Director, Adam Edwards, welcomed the project win “Bielby has a successful history of delivering projects in the local area, having completed the upgrades to the Samford Road/Wardell Street Interchange in nearby Enoggera for the Department in 2013. We are delighted to be involved in the delivery of Everton Park Link Road, a project that caters for multi-modal transport and will provide improved critical infrastructure for local residents and businesses.”


Bielby Secures Bruce Highway – Cooroy to Curra – Section D

Bielby Holdings, in joint venture with BMD Group is delighted to have secured the first of two major contracts (Contract 1) to deliver the fourth and final section of the Bruce Highway Upgrade – Cooroy to Curra program – Section D: Woondum to Curra (C2CD).

Contract 1 between Woondum to Sandy Creek Road involves construction of a new four lane divided highway connecting to the existing Bruce Highway south of Gympie at Woondum, and new interchanges at Penny Road, Gympie Connection Road.

Managing Director Adam Edwards, welcomed the project win “We are delighted to have secured another key road project in Queensland and to continue our relationship with the Department of Transport and Main Roads.”

“As a proudly Queensland owned business, we are excited about the opportunities to employ local people and support local businesses while delivering a key piece of infrastructure for the region.”

At Bielby Holdings, our workplaces are respectful, inclusive and value the diversity of our employees and the communities we operate within. All employment enquiries can be directed to Local businesses and suppliers are encouraged to register their interest on the local Industry Register located


National Prequalification Certification

Bielby Holdings is pleased to announce that we recently achieved a further three year ‘National Prequalification Certification’ with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads for Roadworks and Bridgeworks. Further to retaining our certification, we have also been recognised as a competent and dependable contractor through maintaining the highest prequalification level for Roadworks category (R5) and more recently achieving the highest prequalification level in Bridgeworks (B4).

To achieve these highest levels, Bielby has had to satisfy to the Assessing Agency that is has maintained and improved its management systems, has the relevant technical experience of key personnel related to Roadworks and Bridgeworks as well as maintaining solid performances on previous and current projects.

This is an outstanding achievement of which Bielby Holdings is incredibly proud to be recognised as having what it takes to deliver on major projects at the highest possible levels.

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25 Year Milestone for Bielby Project Manager

Bielby’s Andrew Howgate racked up an impressive milestone with the company in May, passing 25 years as a Bielby employee. We caught up with Andrew and asked him to cast his mind back to 1st May 1995 when he became a Site Engineer working with the team delivering the Deagon Deviation Upgrade to the Gateway Motorway.

What was your first impression of Bielby?
That’s a long time ago now but possibly the competency of the management and the ease at how things happened.

And it is impossible to overlook the generosity of being handed my first phone – a secondhand Nokia!

What project have you most enjoyed working on?
There are quite a few to choose from, in 25 years I’ve been lucky to work on a range of projects but Bruce Highway Upgrade – Cooroy to Curra Section A, Package 2 is my favourite.

It was a project that was complex and highly involved with the construction of 8km of highway, six bridges and major earthworks involving cuts and fill up to 40m deep.

What are the 3 major projects that stand out for you in your time at Bielby?
In addition to Cooroy to Curra Section A Package 2, I’d have to say my current project – Ipswich Motorway Upgrade; Rocklea to Darra and The Gladstone Rail Link; Aldoga to East End Line. Each project that I have worked on has its unique qualities and challenges, and that means that there is a lot of variety in the roles and projects I have undertaken.

From major highway upgrades and managing millions of vehicle movements to constructing a rail line to aid the resources sector, I’ve been lucky to have worked on some of the company’s flagship projects.

What has been the biggest change in Bielby over the last 25 years?
Besides the obvious – faster computers and mobile phones and tablets, it was the decision to move from roundabout and widening projects to the larger scale infrastructure which necessitated bigger teams and stronger systems.

What is the best thing about life at Bielby?
Being part of a team with the same goals and knowing everyone from the owner to the leading hand.

Bielby Secures Major Project

Bielby Holdings is delighted to announce that we have been appointed by the Department of Transport and Main Road to construct the Sports Drive to Gateway Motorway upgrade.

The upgrade will see Improvements to 3.46 kilometres of the Pacific Motorway northbound carriageway between Sports Drive entry ramp and the Gateway Motorway overpass (SD2GM) and involves widening of northbound travel lanes to five lanes, upgrade to the Gateway Motorway exit ramp, relocation of Big Al’s Brook Fish Passage and extending the off road concrete cycle Veloway (V1) on the western side of the M1.

Work is scheduled to commence late March 2020 with the project running through to April 2021.

Managing Director, Adam Edwards, welcomed the project win “We are delighted to have secured the Sports Drive to Gateway Motorway upgrade. We are thrilled to continue our relationship with the Department or Transport and Main Roads, as we construct a vital piece of infrastructure for South-East Queensland.”

“I’d like to congratulate everyone at Bielby involved in the process as securing a major project in a highly competitive environment is always a challenge. It is a testament to the outstanding work we have delivered for TMR in the past that they have trusted us to be their delivery partner on this major project.”

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Inspiring Students to Consider A Career In Infrastructure

Earlier this month the Ipswich Motorway Upgrade; Rocklea to Darra Team hosted a group of year 10 students from Ambrose Tracey College for a ‘day in the life of…’

The program was designed to introduce the students to the wide variety of job opportunities on an infrastructure project.

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Starting with a safety induction, toolbox talk and a presentation on the project, the students were then escorted onsite to see firsthand the activities underway (although the wet weather did hamper the walk around!) Staff from both TMR and the project’s joint venture partner Bielby Hull Albem (BHA) were involved in an open floor Q&A session for students to ask questions about what they do in their day-to-day jobs, aimed at helping student to decide if Engineering – Civil/Structural or perhaps a trade may be the right stream for them.

The day finished with a practical activity, where the students were presented with an actual problem that the project had faced and the range of options that were developed by the project team. They were placed into groups and had to work through the design options and offer their feedback on which solution was implemented. An email from their teacher afterwards confirmed the day was a great success and a huge thank you to all the staff who took time out of their day to present, chat to the students and be involved.

‘When asked if any boys had changed their ideas about what they wanted to do career wise, several said they were now thinking of engineering as a career and a few more were interested in site foreman or site manager roles. So with that said I think overall the day went very well and thank you again.’ Sean Smith, ATC Design Teacher.

Just another example of the amazing teamwork, collaboration and information sharing that goes on out at R2D!


Haughton River Floodplain Upgrade Project Update

Major construction of the Haughton River Floodplain Upgrade (HRF) project on the Bruce Highway between Ayr and
Townsville commenced in April 2019. The $514.3M project is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland
governments (with commitments of $411.4m and$102.9m respectively) under the Bruce Highway Upgrade Program.

Learn more about the project and its benefits by downloading the latest Project Newsletter.

Learn more about our involvement in the project.

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