Samford Road Wardell Street Interchange Upgrade

The Samford Road Wardell Street Interchange Upgrade Project involved the highly sensitive upgrade of this busy intersection, while maintaining safe traffic movements and ongoing access to local businesses in the area throughout all stages of project delivery.

Key project works included the removal, storage and reinstatement of eight heritage houses previously fronting Samford Road, widening of both Samford Road and Wardell Street to provide additional turning lane capacity, and staged construction involving side tracks, night works, weekend works and major traffic changes.

Residents and restaurant businesses didn’t want construction works at night, while retail businesses preferred this. Motorists would require side tracks to maintain full lane operation, but this was at odds with resident and business requests. To address this multi-interest challenge, Bielby established a high quality, high interface communication approach.

With the convenience-based business centre on the corner immediately adjoining the intersection, the potential for trade disruption throughout construction was significant. Key issues included difficult or limited access to the businesses and resultant loss of trade during and post construction. The Bielby team resolved these risks by implementing a detailed communication process that maintained easy pedestrian and vehicle access to the centre. This included the installation of side track lanes to ensure traffic continued to flow normally through the work areas, avoiding the need to reroute journeys.

Another key area of concern throughout construction was the proximity of residential properties to the works area in terms of both noise impact and potential vibration. Key issues included extensive excavation works along the rear of home boundaries which would cause noise and potential vibration damage, noise impacts from night works in an area of both young families and older retirees, and dust from excavation works.

By working closely with community and business members to minimise impacts throughout construction, Bielby received and a very low number of business complaints during construction. Local residents provided positive feedback at the official opening ceremony and commended the work of the project team to minimise impacts.