Bielby does business differently. We rely on the support of our family-friendly culture to professionally deliver tier one projects. Our leadership team lives and breathes our core values. We understand we’re ultimately a people business, working together to deliver on our promises.

Adam Edwards

Adam Edwards

Managing Director

Say hello to Adam Edwards, our fearless leader, Managing Director and co-owner, with an impressive 25-year background across various sectors including transport, marine, water, renewables and resources. Adam’s known for his stellar strategic moves, consistently delivering exceptional value to both clients and contractors.

His career highlight reel features conquering projects in the wilds of the Pilbara, transforming a construction business into a $500m powerhouse, and kick starting an industry leader in renewables. His superpower? Forging connections with people and giving a damn about them.

Since joining forces with Bielby in 2018, Adam has led the charge in a period of impressive growth and strategic investments, laying the groundwork for even more success in the future. With a true passion for teamwork, operational excellence, and exceptional safety he’s all about fostering a culture that’s grounded in a shared vision and strong values. With Adam leading the way, Bielby is in safe hands.

Terry Cogill

Terry Cogill

Executive Director

Meet Terry Cogill, the powerhouse behind Bielby’s impressive journey. With a Civil Engineering degree and a Masters in Business Administration, he fearlessly took on the big players, propelling Bielby from $10M to $250M annually in 26 years. His knack for rolling up his sleeves and cracking the toughest challenges led to game-changing project victories, like the Pacific Motorway (Springwood to Daisy Hill) and the Mt Lindesay Highway (Johnson Road).

His not-so-secret sauce? A love for diving into the nitty-gritty details and an unparalleled passion for numbers. Terry’s superpower lies in his down-to-earth work ethic and a remarkable ability to make complex projects feel like a breeze. Under Terry’s guidance, Bielby is headed for a bright future.

Boyd Knights

Boyd Knights

Operations Manager

Meet Boyd Knights, our Operations Guru and industry leader with over 30 years expertise on some of the most challenging transport infrastructure projects across Australia and New Zealand. Boyd has mastered all delivery models, from Public Private Partnerships to Alliances, across diverse sectors such as road, rail, and tunnelling projects.

Always down to earth and approachable, Boyd thrives on building strong connections with stakeholders, clients, and our team, ensuring positive outcomes and project success. With his magic touch for teamwork and quick decision making, he effortlessly turns the ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’. Yet, what truly sets him apart is his keen ability to spot risks early on, enabling him to tackle challenges from the get-go. Inspired by the words of Harry S Truman, Boyd values the contributions of each individual, reflecting the core values at Bielby, where people matter. Under Boyd’s leadership, Bielby is constructing a sturdy foundation for continued success.

Sam Bates

Sam Bates

Group Pre-Contracts Manager

Meet Sam Bates, a one club man with over two decades at Bielby. Sam is renowned for his expertise in estimating and his talent for leading high performing teams. He’s got a knack for consistently delivering profitable projects and crafting precise tenders.

Sam’s career has seen some epic projects wins, including the Bruce Highway Upgrade Cooroy to Curra Section D, Pacific Motorway (M1) Watland Street to Sports Drive and the Ipswich Motorway Upgrade Rocklea to Darra.

His secret ingredient? He’s a true believer in listening and learning from others.

But what truly sets Sam apart is his exceptional communication skills. Whether he’s chatting with clients or leading his team, he’s the master at simplifying complex details. With Sam on board, Bielby’s future shines.

Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan

General Manager People & Culture

Meet Tim Ryan, our HR extraordinaire, skilled at demystifying complex business strategies and connecting people to a common purpose. Tim specialises in translating corporate jargon into actionable, meaningful steps.

Throughout his career, Tim has left an indelible impression. He’s been instrumental in navigating large scale changes, from major restructures to mergers and shifts in business strategy. What truly sets him apart is his genuine dedication to engaging and supporting people through these transitions.

Tim’s secret to success? His psychology background, offering keen insights into why people make certain choices and how to inspire effective change.

His unique superpower? The uncanny ability to find the cutlery drawer in any kitchen, symbolising his adaptability in unfamiliar terrain.

Ken Flanders

Ken Flanders

Group Financial Controller

Introducing Ken Flanders, our Group Financial Controller, a financial wizard armed with a CPA, MBA and AICD under his belt.

His standout achievement involves successfully managing the due diligence for the $2.5 billion sale of the Australian arm of a global company, across various time zones and countries.

Ken’s expertise shines through his keen attention to detail. His sharp cash management and forecasting abilities combined with his keen ability to decipher the numbers have resulted in the prosperity of numerous companies over his distinguished career.

His secret ingredient for success? An open mind to valuable advice, keeping what works and tossing the rest. Oh, and did we mention his impressive 4th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do? That’s his superpower, both in the finance world and on the mat.

Johan Barnard

Johan Barnard

Project Director (Renewables)

Introducing Johan Barnard, the accomplished Project Director in Renewables, known for cultivating capable and dedicated teams, delighting in their development.

Career highlight? His transformative leap from fossil fuels to sustainable energy mirrors his unwavering commitment to eco-friendly progress. Notably, his instrumental role in laying the foundation for Bielby’s Renewable division sets the stage for remarkable growth in Australia’s green construction sector.

Johan’s recipe for success involves seizing opportunities when others rest, granting him a competitive edge. His superpower? Mastering the art of letting go of the uncontrollable, ensuring a composed and eco-conscious approach to every project. With Johan leading the way, Bielby is poised for a greener tomorrow.

Kathy Stevenson

Kathy Stevenson

Administration Manager

Introducing Kathy Stevenson, a dedicated professional known for her exceptional prioritisation skills and talent for overcoming obstacles. With a diverse background spanning mining, construction, politics, and telecommunications, she has made her mark in various industries. Kathy’s key contributions include assisting the estimating team in securing major projects such as the Pacific Motorway Sports Drive to Gateway Motorway, Wiggins Island Coal Terminal, and the Kestrel Mine Expansion.

Kathy’s secret ingredient lies in her authenticity, fostering enduring relationships built on trust and confidence. Her superpower is her knack for understanding what makes an individual unique, enabling her to connect with people on a deeper level. As a valued member of Bielby’s leadership team she has found her professional home, resonating with its values, culture, and exciting future.

Andrew Howgate

Andrew Howgate

Project Director

Meet Andrew Howgate. He’s a legend at Bielby. With an impressive 28 years in road construction, he’s the guy you want on your team. His stellar career spans projects like the Ipswich Motorway Upgrade Rocklea to Darra, the Pacific Motorway Upgrade (Daisy Hill) and the Mount Lindesay Highway. But the real highlight? Leading the complex Cooroy to Curra Package 2A on the Sunshine Coast, involving substantial earthworks, asphalt, and concrete works.

Andrew’s secret sauce? He’s all about making things straightforward and building strong relationships. No red tape here! With patience that could rival a saint and loyalty that’s second to none, Andrew embodies the Bielby spirit. He’s a dedicated professional who continues to make a lasting impact on the road construction industry.

Narelle Aucote

Narelle Aucote

Group Learning & Organisational Development Manager

Introducing Narelle Aucote, our dedicated Organisational Development guru, passionate about nurturing growth and fostering awesome leaders. At Bielby, we’re all about keeping it real and Narelle is no exception—she embodies this spirit by crafting an inclusive and results oriented world.

Narelle’s standout achievement? Witnessing team members transform into rockstar frontline leaders, courtesy of tailored development programs that celebrate individuality.

She’s the creative genius behind programs like Frontline Leadership, Coaching, Graduate and Engineer Development, Diversity and Inclusion, and Values & Culture. Narelle understands a company’s success hinges on the growth and brilliance of its people.

Her secret to success? Fearlessly embracing the road less travelled. Her superpower? She totally gets people, respects what makes them tick and helps them grow. Narelle ensures everyone at Bielby feels valued and empowered to succeed.

Erick Santosa

Erick Santosa

Group Manager - Project Controls

Introducing Erick Santosa, our project controls expert with an impressive arsenal of skills, including project management, budgeting, forecasting, and ERP system implementation. Erick’s standout feat? Crafting and maintaining project controls systems for major, multidisciplinary projects like the Boggo Road Busway Alliance, Trackstar Alliance, and the Airport Link.

His career highlight revolves around the deployment of these systems, developing policies and providing training to large teams. Erick recognises that major projects with many moving parts, demand precise resource and risk management through robust project controls. This, he delivers every time. In fact, his efforts drive business growth and guarantee excellence in project delivery.

What’s his superpower? His dedication to project management perfection. Erick is a maestro of project controls, thriving on precision and driving progress.

Shaun Barrett

Shaun Barrett

Health & Safety Manager

Meet Shaun Barrett, our safety champion with a wealth of knowledge exceeding 20 years in major mining, oil and gas, infrastructure, and civil projects. Shaun’s hands-on experience, both in Australia and abroad, have taught him the power of teamwork and shared goals, no matter the roadblocks.

His career highlight? Leading an incredible 38 million incident free manhours, showcasing his commitment to creating a safe workplace.

His mission? To simplify our systems and make safety a priority, ensuring everyone brings their best. It’s his firm belief that cultivating good work habits promotes a safer life, both at work and at home. And when the heat is on his superpower shines—he remains cool under pressure, carefully assessing every aspect of the situation.

At Bielby, where everyone matters, Shaun’s ethos aligns perfectly, fostering a safety-first environment with a personal touch.

Michael Linnett

Michael Linnett

Group IT Manager

Meet Michael Linnett, our go-to ICT Manager, known for his people centric approach and knack for delivering secure and effective ICT solutions.

His shining moment was making sure four Brisbane hospitals smoothly upgraded their access control and video monitoring systems, showcasing his top-notch people skills and conflict resolution chops.

When it comes to IT security, Michael is your guy. He worked wonders implementing network separation for a major mining company, ensuring no hiccups during a corporate network outage.

Michael’s secret? He’s hands-on and loves coming up with clever solutions, making tech less of a headache. His practicality and smooth negotiation skills guarantee Bielby’s data management is both safe and accessible for everyone long into the future.

Chris Lawrence

Chris Lawrence

Survey Manager

Introducing Chris Lawrence, a seasoned surveying and project management pro. With a knack for leading teams effectively and adapting to on-the-fly design changes, he brings a wealth of experience, from New Zealand’s Second Manapouri Tunnel to Australia’s extensive $7 billion Cross River Rail project.

But the real crescendo in Chris’s career was his role as Survey Manager on the colossal $5 billion Airport Link and Northern Busway project. It was an infrastructure masterpiece that truly hit all the right notes.

His secret ingredient? Staying tech-savvy and keeping a keen eye on emerging surveying trends. This adaptability is his unique path to success. His superpower? Expertly managing design and engineering data, ensuring precise project delivery, and making him an indispensable asset on complex infrastructure projects.

Alex Harris

Alex Harris

Digital Engineering Manager

Meet Alex Harris, our digital engineering guru, boasting a diverse skill set spanning mechanical, structural, civil and controls disciplines. Alex’s career includes an impressive array of accomplishments, from leading design teams and revolutionising drawing processes, to pioneering digital engineering and BIM since its infancy in infrastructure.

Notable milestones include spearheading the mechanical design team for the Ramu Nickel project and implementing critical design solutions on the Rookwood Weir project.

Alex’s contributions have been transformative, from crafting global standards to simplifying workflows and shaping digital engineering requirements for major organisations.

His secret sauce? Challenging the norm and continuously seeking better ways of doing things. His superpower? A broad background enabling him to tackle problems from multiple angles. With Alex leading our tech innovation, Bielby’s potential knows no bounds.

Craig Porter

Craig Porter

Business Development Manager

Meet Craig Porter, a construction industry veteran with 40 years’ experience in shaping major infrastructure projects. Craig has actively contributed to the development of several industry bodies, adding valuable layers to the growth of the construction sector.

His career shines with his knack for steering companies towards clinching some of Queensland’s most iconic projects, leaving a remarkable imprint in the industry. He also played a significant role in the execution of various notable projects like the Centenary Highway, the Gateway Bridge, and the Clem 7 tunnel. His impact even extended to international ventures in South Africa and Mozambique.

Craig’s secret ingredient? It’s his unique ability to connect with the right people in organisations, aiding in a thorough understanding of their specific projects. His superpower? Bringing people together right from the project’s inception, making him an essential asset in Bielby’s future growth.

Our Vision

To be the best construction contractor to work for and work with.


Our Purpose

To deliver design and construction solutions that exceed expectations.


Our Values

Straight Up

We say what we mean and mean what we say. Always. Being authentic is at our core.


We don’t wait for tomorrow if it can happen today. Through agility and expertise, we find a solution.


We work constructively together with everyone. We actively seek solutions, listen and learn to continually improve.

People Matter

We put the safety and wellbeing of our team, their families and the community first. No matter what.


We’re accountable and we deliver on our promises. We get the job done.

“Loyalty has been a two-way street working for Bielby over 28 years. I came for a look and stayed a lifetime. “

Andrew Howgate (Project Director)