Shaun Barrett

Shaun Barrett

Shaun Barrett

Health & Safety Manager

Meet Shaun Barrett, our safety champion with a wealth of knowledge exceeding 20 years in major mining, oil and gas, infrastructure, and civil projects. Shaun’s hands-on experience, both in Australia and abroad, have taught him the power of teamwork and shared goals, no matter the roadblocks.

His career highlight? Leading an incredible 38 million incident free manhours, showcasing his commitment to creating a safe workplace.

His mission? To simplify our systems and make safety a priority, ensuring everyone brings their best. It’s his firm belief that cultivating good work habits promotes a safer life, both at work and at home. And when the heat is on his superpower shines—he remains cool under pressure, carefully assessing every aspect of the situation.

At Bielby, where everyone matters, Shaun’s ethos aligns perfectly, fostering a safety-first environment with a personal touch.

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